Natural Food Supplements: Unlocking the Secret to Enhanced Well-being and Vitality

NaCTUre srl, an innovative spin-off company originating from the prestigious University of Catania, dedicates itself wholeheartedly to the intensive research, meticulous development, and the production and marketing of a range of biologically active substances. These substances, when administered in proper quantities, possess the potential to significantly contribute to the maintenance and/or enhancement of an individual’s overall health and well-being.

The project is distinguished by the opportunity it presents for conducting extensive research on a wide array of substances, with a particular focus on those derived from bacterial and plant sources, and the capability to test their activity in a controlled in vitro environment. The hands-on involvement of individuals who bring diverse, complementary skills and rich experience to the table facilitates effective collaboration at the different stages of the research process.

The focus is additionally directed towards investigating the potential for synergistic interactions among previously identified active compounds. This approach extends beyond the common practice, seen in various contexts, of merely combining substances that exhibit similar effects. It involves a deeper exploration of how these compounds might work together more effectively than they would individually.

The relentless pursuit of discovering active compounds, meticulously extracting them, characterizing each one, and thoroughly analyzing their properties, is the cornerstone of the work we do in our Spin-off enterprise.

By obtaining a greater number of extracts and delving deeper into their characterizations, we can enhance our capability to harness the bountiful opportunities that nature provides us with.